Lamborghini Orange County CA–which typically sold 10% of the world’s annual production of Lamborghinis and counted NBA stars Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman as clients–has shut its doors.

Lamb1106_art_400_20081106193425 The dealer won’t say why. Lamborghini put a brave face on the shutdown, saying it was the result of bad financial decisions by the dealer and that “the economy is not the reason for Lamborghini Orange County’s financial situation.”

"Well, that’s a relief. For a minute there I was worried that the contracting economy, falling stocks, rising foreclosures, the credit crunch, margin calls, environmentalism, layoffs and sudden consumer aversion to over-priced status goods would put a crimp on sales of $200,000 cars that get eight to 13 miles a gallon".~~~From Wall Street Journal 11-8-08

Polling place If Your Computer Crashes:

In the event that your computer crashes, while reading this Friday Follies, please calmly remain sitting on your behind and wait for a Federal bailout.

Why are there so many problems with elections? Are they really all that complicated? Who runs the elections? GOVERNMENT. Just wait until the government starts running auto, banking and insurance industries, in addition to our health care industry. Think FEMA. "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you."

Bev's movie

Bev's Movie Debut (Chloroform on Film)

Agency partner, Beverly McCusker (above center), plays the nasty matriarch of a wicked Amish family in her first feature-length movie role. She has a lifetime of experience on stage in live theater, television and radio.

The movie, "The Season" is supposed to be a horror show. It had its world premiere this past summer during a midnight (scary!) showing in Cedar Falls, IA, followed by a later opening in Hollywood. Bev says it is dreadful, a real snoozer, however she had a lot of fun making it. "Caveat Emptor" might be a better title.

Pic026Explosion 'God Help Us!'

During a relentless, fearsome artillery bombardment on the Anzio beachhead in World War II, a soldier cried out for divine intervention: "God help us! But, come yourself ... Don't send Jesus ... This is no place for children."

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Will the blond win?

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